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Org-Mode does it all

Org really does it all Someone on Hacker News posted a link yesterday to a productivity directory of apps for, of all things, productivity. It’s a nice enough website presenting apps such as Things, Evernote, Toggl, etc… Naturally, however, I’m (once again) hit by the realisation that Org Mode (and Emacs) literally does all of this in one “package”, so to speak. It’s fairly impressive when you think about it, just how powerful it all is....

<span title='2024-02-27 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>February 27, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Social Media Annoyances

Facebook is trying to get my attention I haven’t been on social media in years. Apart from the odd post once every 4-6 months (at the most), I haven’t posted at all on Facebook - let alone Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other venue. But Facebook and Instagram keep bugging me for my attention. Notification after notification come up on my iPad and iPhone telling me that “Person” reacted to a a post you haven’t yet commented on....

<span title='2024-02-20 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>February 20, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Early Spring Cleaning

Time to Get Shit DoneTM It’s time for an early spring cleaning. I know, it’s only February, but I have to Get Shit DoneTM I’m going to try Trademarking that at some point. “Getting Things Done” is too lackadaisical to mean that you’re getting serious, in my opinion - with all due respect to David Allen. “Things” just doesn’t convey the necessity of some tasks which have to get done for me in my life at this point....

<span title='2024-02-12 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>February 12, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Old People and Phones

Old people and phones Somebody really needs to start a global program to teach old people that the one thing they should never do is hold their telephone up to their ear when a person video calls them. It’s become a moral imperative to stop this sort of thing. Really.

<span title='2024-01-22 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>January 22, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Happy 2024 and more

Happy New Year I haven’t written here in donkey’s years. Again. It’s hard to find inspiration to write when the world has just gone to shit since such a very long time. Additionally, I’ve pretty much made my feelings on a host of subjects known for decades. I hate being repetitive. I loathe listening to repetition, and I revile having to sound like a parrot. WIth that said, I’ve recently felt the need to start writing and blogging again....

<span title='2024-01-19 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>January 19, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

There Are No Kings in Rome

There Are No Kings in Rome I have been utterly aghast at the discourse in the media over the last two years in regards to Trump. The assumption - in all media, by the way - is that Trump would be able to pardon himself if he became the President. Do people actually hear themselves saying this? Do people understand what they are saying? Have all of our history and social studies classes taught the entire population literally nothing about this concept?...

<span title='2023-10-29 05:34:00 +0200 +0200'>October 29, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

ChatGPT Dungeons & Dragons

ChatGPT Dungeons & Dragons As a fun little experiment last night, I had ChatGPT write out a little Dungeons and Dragons adventure. From what I learned: You can get ChatGPT to be really specific and detailed. There are a few tricks which my repeated attempts have taught me: You have to be really specific and detailed in your query. You can make it a very long sentence. I’ll post mine below so that you can see....

<span title='2023-04-27 07:00:00 +0200 +0200'>April 27, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Fixed the Blog Again

I fixed the blog again I had this weird setup with github using two repos - one public and one private. I still don’t understand how I set it up this way but I was following instructions from a tutorial which had it set up like that. When I tried to remove the setup, it of course borked everything up. I gave up for a bit in frustration because it wasn’t a priority for me and I knew I’d have to sit down and re-up everything and set everything up from scratch to a new repo....

<span title='2023-04-18 18:43:27 +0200 +0200'>April 18, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

New Mastodon - Qoto.org

New Mastodon I migrated from the Mastodon server emacs.ch to qoto.org. I still love emacs.ch but qoto has some more benefits, such as a 65,535 char post limit and a few other things. That’s huge. That’s enormous, in fact. It’s also a STEM-based instance, so there’s still some interesting things going on. So my new Mastodon is @natharari@qoto.org. Also: I really ought to update this blog more often. I don’t know why I don’t....

<span title='2023-01-26 00:00:00 +0200 +0200'>January 26, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy I’m going to say something completely impolitic, but I don’t really care at this point about appearances: I just have the feeling that most people are too stupid to actually figure out how easy #Mastodon is to use because of: Choice and Unfamiliarity I remember when the internet was in its heyday (I was on it back in 1989 actually - but that’s another story) and we had such high hopes for humanity learning, growing, and communicating together....

<span title='2023-01-19 00:00:00 +0200 +0200'>January 19, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari