Social Media Annoyances

Facebook is trying to get my attention I haven’t been on social media in years. Apart from the odd post once every 4-6 months (at the most), I haven’t posted at all on Facebook - let alone Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other venue. But Facebook and Instagram keep bugging me for my attention. Notification after notification come up on my iPad and iPhone telling me that “Person” reacted to a a post you haven’t yet commented on....

<span title='2024-02-20 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>February 20, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Early Spring Cleaning

Time to Get Shit DoneTM It’s time for an early spring cleaning. I know, it’s only February, but I have to Get Shit DoneTM I’m going to try Trademarking that at some point. “Getting Things Done” is too lackadaisical to mean that you’re getting serious, in my opinion - with all due respect to David Allen. “Things” just doesn’t convey the necessity of some tasks which have to get done for me in my life at this point....

<span title='2024-02-12 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>February 12, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Old People and Phones

Old people and phones Somebody really needs to start a global program to teach old people that the one thing they should never do is hold their telephone up to their ear when a person video calls them. It’s become a moral imperative to stop this sort of thing. Really.

<span title='2024-01-22 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>January 22, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Happy 2024 and more

Happy New Year I haven’t written here in donkey’s years. Again. It’s hard to find inspiration to write when the world has just gone to shit since such a very long time. Additionally, I’ve pretty much made my feelings on a host of subjects known for decades. I hate being repetitive. I loathe listening to repetition, and I revile having to sound like a parrot. WIth that said, I’ve recently felt the need to start writing and blogging again....

<span title='2024-01-19 06:00:00 +0200 +0200'>January 19, 2024</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

What were the 70s...

“What were the 70s and early 80s really like?” They were dark, very contrasty, and grainy with lots of muted colours.

<span title='2022-09-23 07:40:00 +0200 +0200'>September 23, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari
Nintendo Egg Game

Nintendo Egg Game

A blast from the past I was cleaning out some more things today and I found this gem. It’s from the early 80s and I must have spent countless hours with my brother and even my parents playing this little game. I looked online and they actually sell for quite a bit of money so I may actually end up selling it. I honestly have no intention of ever playing it again, but it was nice to see it again and yes, it does work....

<span title='2022-09-17 09:00:00 +0200 +0200'>September 17, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari
Old 2011 MacBook Pro

Goodbye old MacBook Pro

Goodbye Old 2011 MacBook Pro. Yes, another “Goodbye” post from me - in so short a time. But this one is a must. I got this wonderful machine back in December 2011 and it’s been with me in Israel, Japan, the UK, and France. It was a workhorse for a very long time. But two and a half years ago I stopped using it in favour of the newer MacBook Pro I had for two years before getting my current one....

<span title='2022-08-31 08:00:00 +0200 +0200'>August 31, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari
Happy Sleeping Polar Bear

Goodbye Morning Bears

Goodbye morning bears. I’ve been posting a picture of a polar bear every single morning on Facebook since something like 2014 or 2015, without fail. And, as much as I love polar bears, I think it’s time to say goodbye to this morning tradition. I started it because I wanted to see something happy first thing in the morning before anything else. But it has long since worn out that usefulness for me....

<span title='2022-08-25 09:00:00 +0200 +0200'>August 25, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari

Second Post

Working on the template Now I have to customise this template a little more. I think I like this static site thing. It’s much less heavy than Wix or Wordpress. Maybe I’ll turn this into a micro-blogging site as well. Not sure yet.

<span title='2022-07-02 16:30:00 +0200 +0200'>July 2, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari
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First Post

Welcome to my new blog. I just deployed it. It’s ready to go. I’m doing this because I have some things to say. And I’ve decided to say them. In public. It’s a brave step.

<span title='2022-07-02 16:20:00 +0200 +0200'>July 2, 2022</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;Nathaniel Harari