Dracula Theme

I really like Dracula Theme for Emacs. I’ve been trying the Dracula Theme for about a week or so and I really enjoy it. It’s colourful and beautiful. It’s going on my permanent rotation for dark themes. I rotate between light and dark ones (light in the morning, dark at night) every day but I only keep the ones which please me the best, so my list is rather small....

July 5, 2022 · Nathaniel Harari

Apple Reminders vs. Org Agenda

I’ve decided a few things about Org Mode. Org mode is an amazing tool - probably the best planner/organizer/todo list/outiner/editor system there ever was and is. In fact, I know of non-coders who have learned Emacs just to be able to use org-mode. And learning Emacs is not for the faint of heart. But org-mode is that powerful that it entices people towards it who would never normally touch code with a ten foot pole....

July 5, 2022 · Nathaniel Harari

Added About Page

I’ve added an About page. I’ve just added an “about” page on the top menu. I know I haven’t written anything here yet of value, but it will come. I did write an absolute rant about Facebook yesterday but I have yet to post it because it is rather harsh. My intention is to finalize it and then post it to Facebook for everyone to see. But we’ll see if I really feel like yelling at all the blind sheep who continue to use that place....

July 3, 2022 · Nathaniel Harari

Hugo and Emacs

I’m installing two Emacs packages which help with Hugo sites. I intend on publishing directly from Emacs without ever having to go to the CLI. Not that I don’t love the CLI - I do. I just want to be able to do everything directly from an Emacs interface. So far, i’m having a blast figuring this stuff out and reading the docs. Maybe there’s an IFTTT thing I can use to directly publish a link to Mastadon when I post....

July 2, 2022 · Nathaniel Harari

Second Post

Working on the template Now I have to customise this template a little more. I think I like this static site thing. It’s much less heavy than Wix or Wordpress. Maybe I’ll turn this into a micro-blogging site as well. Not sure yet.

July 2, 2022 · Nathaniel Harari
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First Post

Welcome to my new blog. I just deployed it. It’s ready to go. I’m doing this because I have some things to say. And I’ve decided to say them. In public. It’s a brave step.

July 2, 2022 · Nathaniel Harari