I’ve added an About page.

I’ve just added an “about” page on the top menu.

I know I haven’t written anything here yet of value, but it will come. I did write an absolute rant about Facebook yesterday but I have yet to post it because it is rather harsh. My intention is to finalize it and then post it to Facebook for everyone to see. But we’ll see if I really feel like yelling at all the blind sheep who continue to use that place. I haven’t used it in years now and I couldn’t be happier - with one exception. Every morning I do post a polar bear picture. I’ve been doing it for something like eight years now, every single day, nonstop. So it would be hard to stop that. But I don’t comment, I don’t post, I don’t react…I just post my picture every morning and leave. I don’t know if that counts as really using the platform, but that’s all it is for me since a long time.