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Early Spring Cleaning

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Time to Get Shit Done(tm)

It’s time for an early spring cleaning.

I know, it’s only February, but I have to Get Shit Done(tm)

I’m going to try Trademarking that at some point. “Getting Things Done” is too lackadaisical to mean that you’re getting serious, in my opinion - with all due respect to David Allen. “Things” just doesn’t convey the necessity of some tasks which have to get done for me in my life at this point.

When you get old, you become the inverse of yourself

I used to go to sleep past dawn. Literally. I’m sure we all have, but I used to do it with an insane regularity which made other people wince when they heard about my lifestyle. And now, it’s the reverse. I like waking up early. I like waking up before the sun rises. I relish the quiet time in the wee hours of the morning when barely anyone is walking about outside. It’s the same feeling I got while staying up extremely late all through the night. Only now, I wake up and don’t feel like most of the day has gone past and that I have to rush to do anything at all in the world outside. It’s a calming feeling.

Cleaning out Emails

Since I was one of the first people to be invited to the beta test of Gmail back in 2001 or 2002 (I honestly can’t remember, it was so long ago), I have emails which date back from that time. I regularly delete things, but I still have over 103,000 messages, which is too many. Frankly, what am I going to do with a “Welcome to Houzz!” email from 2005? Why would I honestly need that? It’s nice to know that I’ve been a member of certain sites from paleolithic times, back when WiFi wasn’t even a thing, but is it honestly necessary to store that forever? I think not. So, part of the spring cleaning is for files. It gets me motivated to delete things in my real life when I start deleting swathes of useless crap in my digital life. And I’m glad that I’ve been deleting useless stuff all of these years since I’d think that number would probably be closer to 1,000,000 Emails or more if I hadn’t.

My every day goal since many years is Inbox Zero, which I’ve held up pretty well to be a standard for myself over the years. Emacs has, naturally helped with this. I suppose I could use Apple Mail to do it now, as it has timed reminders on emails, but I haven’t yet looked up how to utilize this function without leaving the email in my inbox, which I refuse to do. I’m quite certain that it’s fairly simple to do however, but I like how I can reference archived emails in Emacs to read later or get back to directly to my file.


I’ve cleaned out a ton of stuff from my emails, but it’ll be ongoing for a while. Also: I’ve decided to sync org-agenda with my Nextcloud instance. I only got it working for one-way sync at the moment, but I’m working on it.