Goodbye Old 2011 MacBook Pro.

Yes, another “Goodbye” post from me - in so short a time. But this one is a must. I got this wonderful machine back in December 2011 and it’s been with me in Israel, Japan, the UK, and France. It was a workhorse for a very long time. But two and a half years ago I stopped using it in favour of the newer MacBook Pro I had for two years before getting my current one.

I tried reviving it last night with Linux to be another server, to no avail. It booted, installed, and ran. But after the third reboot, it would no longer start up no matter what I tried. The battery is bulging the frame and I think that it doesn’t have the energy to continue. So I’ll be recycling this old friend and laying it to rest pretty soon. It was a fine machine and, as you can see, it went through hell and back. Because of this wonderful machine, it is now a weekly habit (and reminder) to clean my computer every Sunday morning (along with my iPad and iPhone). I got those products within the last year and they all look brand new because of this habit of mine which I follow to the letter through my task list.

Goodbye, old friend, I have a ton of fond memories of you. You’re the first computer I ever played Skyrim on, and that’s memorable; not to mention the tons of other things that you helped me with.