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Happy 2024 and more

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Happy New Year

I haven’t written here in donkey’s years. Again. It’s hard to find inspiration to write when the world has just gone to shit since such a very long time. Additionally, I’ve pretty much made my feelings on a host of subjects known for decades. I hate being repetitive. I loathe listening to repetition, and I revile having to sound like a parrot.

WIth that said, I’ve recently felt the need to start writing and blogging again. I have no idea how long this will last. Maybe one post - maybe more. The one thing that I can say is that this may indeed turn out to be the most interesting year of my life so far. And with 2020 and 2022 in hindsight, that’s saying quite a lot.

Blogs aren’t what they used to be

Back in the day (the dark ages), I used to have a very popular politics blog at the time. It’s long gone now, but it used to be a thing. I eventually burned out on it and stopped altogether (again, having failed to stop repeating myself). However, it seems like blogs became more and more of a niche thing for many years with the rising popularity of social media apps.

Now, howeer, they seem to maybe be coming back, with the public souring more and more on social media as a whole. There are many reasons to want Twitter and even Facebook to burn and die a horrid death, but perhaps bringing some sanity back into the discourse through longform posts is one of the best.

I haven’t posted anything on the Gaza war

I’ve tried a few times, and actually wrote about 20 pages worth of posts on the subject, but I kept getting disheartened and stopped before ever publishing my thoughts on the matter. I feel perhaps that, for now, it’s for the best. Though, I may have something to say about it in the future. But if you know me, you probably already know my positions anyway.

The U.S. Elections

I’ve made myself fairly clear on where I stand here as well. If you’re voting for anyone except for Biden at this point, you’re voting to put a dictator in power and I want to have nothing to do with you.

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The War in Ukraine

Again: My position is incredibly lucid and clear on this point. Ukraine has to win. What is there more to say? The Republican party is a party which not only supports having a dictator in the U.S. but also supports dictators abroad.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the biggest liar in tech, and I’ve known this for many years. Apparently, this comes somewhat as a surprise to many people. This only demonstrates yet another state of affairs, the thought of which brings further depression. How anyone could fall of his incessant lies and bullshit for so long is beyond me. The man has been a snake oil salesman since his entire career. All of his claims in tech have been debunked. People like to point to SpaceX - which he honestly has nothing to do with in working terms - and Tesla - which he did not start or invent. It’s thoroughly depressing that some of us have been saying this for so many years, and no one has been listening until recently. And they still don’t listen because even many in the press still think he’s a “genius” of some kind.

He isn’t, and he never has been.

Relevant links:# (he is very repetitive in his videos but he’s never been wrong about scams. Ever.)