I’m on Mastodon (links above) at Counter Social, and more and more at I’m going to delete my Twitter soon or deactivate it if possible, as I have no confidence in that medium whatsoever. More and more people are leaving and I’m happy to say that I’m one of them. Even though I didn’t use the site for the last few years, I just want no part of that disaster area.

I’ve also updated my contact email to iCloud as I’ve left Fastmail altogether. I’ll remain with a Fastmail forward address if possible (I think I can get it free), but I really do prefer iCloud. It honestly is really amazing and good at doing the stuff I want it to do. Also, since I’m already paying for the iCloud service for storage, I get it free with that plan. I might as well use this excellent service. Even the DNS is hosted at iCloud now and it works spectacularly well.

In other news: I actually got Mastodon to work in emacs. I’m getting used to it there but it is pretty fantastic. If I’m working in emacs, I can now pull in my feed, follow people, favourite things, boost things, etc…even ’toot’ from it. MastadonEL is the way to go if you’re an Emacs user. However, I’d like to say that it works equally well in Safari, which is always up anyway. So I’ve added Mastodon to a pinned tab with Counter Social.