I’m absolutely loving my MacBook Pro M1 Max

What amazes me is how fast it is. Before, on the Intel MacBook Pro, I used to run Skyrim (and Fallout 4 as well as some other games) in native Windows mode. So, basically, it was like I was booting up a PC. But I didn’t have real access to my Mac Desktop or apps or anything else. The M1 is so fast that it’s running Skyrim in Parallels, at a faster FPS and far more stable than it was in native mode (I have no idea why but I’m not complaining). The graphics are much better as well - there is no comparison. Plus, it doesn’t even get hot. I can literally run it on my lap (there was no way of doing that before…ever.)

But the best part is: I have access to all my Mac stuff, including Emacs. I used to put all my Skyrim notes in Apple Notes to view them on my iPad or iPhone while playing. But now I can use Emacs because it runs right next to it with no problem. Just Command-Tab to switch back and forth. It’s much better in lots of ways. Plus, with Plain Org, I can keep viewing my Skyrim notes on my iPad or iPhone anytime I want (as well as everything else). It’s honestly fantastic.

That and with me running mu4e in emacs for email, I don’t have to just rely on my iPhone or iPad to view emails in fastmail. I can just go right to emacs and check out my emails while I’m enjoying Skyrim.