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Social Media Annoyances

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Facebook is trying to get my attention

I haven’t been on social media in years.

Apart from the odd post once every 4-6 months (at the most), I haven’t posted at all on Facebook - let alone Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other venue. But Facebook and Instagram keep bugging me for my attention. Notification after notification come up on my iPad and iPhone telling me that “Person” reacted to a post you haven’t yet commented on. Every day, dozens of them at some times.

Now, I know that I can turn off notifications, but I find it interesting not to. Of course, I turned off the chime for them, but I still see the pop-up reminding me that I haven’t been there in a long time.

The one site which doesn’t do it is Twitter. Why? Because I completely deleted my account there a long while ago.

I feel like I’m back in the 90s with the little Tamagotchi pet bugging me to feed it and pet it every 30 minutes or less (a friend of mine bought one for me as a gift at the time). It’s cute at first, but it becomes annoying after a while. I eventually let it die.

The only reason I still keep Facebook around is because of my contacts there. I’ve explained myself to them why I’m not on social media anymore, but they all still use it. Somebody ought to make a site where you can keep your contacts, but eliminate all of the rest of it.