Don’t celebrate yet.

With the recent FBI raid on Trump’s home, I’ve seen some people celebrating as if it’s all coming to a head. I think it’s worth stepping back for a moment to realize that we should be unconvinced of any progress to put Trump in jail until such time as he’s actually in jail.

The fact is that I cannot, for the life of me, see Trump ever going to jail. There’s no one I wish more in America to be in jail since before he was first elected, but I think they’ll never do it. They would have to build an entire new jail for him alone because of the requirements of his protection 24/7 as a former president (that term is not justified by his having held the position, but legally speaking…)

Frankly, if this were any other country in the democracies of the world, he would have been in jail on Jan 7th, as well as his lieutenants, and the entire Republican party would have been declared a terrorist party and legally disbanded. I remember when the right lost their collective minds because the left would be mealy-mouthed about what defines a terrorist. Well, as it turns out, the right have become our worst terrorists and they now refuse to see it as such. The people who worried the most about hypocrisy with terrorism and religiously imposed laws are now the literal worst offenders of our nation’s history.

I’ll probably write more about this very shortly. I have a lot to say and I have been silent for years now because I no longer wished to use Facebook.