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Thirty Years

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I just realized…

It’s been thirty years since my first website which I built in 1994. I’ll have to make a list of them someday. It was a personal site which I built to learn how to write HTML. I let it go after several years and it got snagged up by a big and famous DJ party guy who has huge performances. I’m okay with that, seeing as I let it go to rot after a long time and never updated it. I’m glad somebody is still using the domain and put it to (what seems to be) good use.

Back then, it was all hand coding the HMTL of course. We didn’t have Java either, or Javascript, or CSS. It was pretty much plain HTML. I think Javascript came very shortly after and I had updated my site for it when it came out.

I may actually have it archived. I’ll have to check at some point.