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If there was any Supreme Court decision or act that justified the overturn of that institution, it is this. It is treasonous to the entire bill of rights, let alone the constitution, to put someone above the law. They have not only done this, but they have done it across the board for every single decision a President can claim to make as an “official act”. This is the law of kings.

We know full well what happened to Rome when they forgot that there are no kings in Rome. We are now not just on the precipice of authoritarianism, we have gone down the abyss - because any President now has full immunity, no matter the party or character, and can do as he or she pleases. Any fucking idiot of a fool who ever studied American history knows full well that this was never, ever, the intent of the founding fathers, nor what America ever stood for. That the Supreme Court has dragged us back to the right of kings is tantamount to treason.