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warp terminal

I’ve recently come across warp - a new terminal application currently for Mac only and in beta. Apparently they are working on a Linux and Windows release as well.

It’s pretty fantastic. It’s incredibly fast and very modern, written in Rust, and can do things no other terminal can do that I’ve ever seen.

As a long time user of iTerm, it includes some functions which iTerm currently does not have. I’ve been checking it out and it’s a bit like VS Code if VS Code were a terminal application.

Seeing as I’ve just completed a full command line course to learn some things I never did learn how to fully do before (such as intricate grep searches etc…), I’m giving this a try. It has multiple cursors and you can also edit commands on the fly as you’re typing them by clicking with the cursor. It also has an AI which lets you dwim without using actual commands.

I’d say: Give it a try. One weird thing, however: They ask you to make a login. I’m not sure what the purpose is and I’ll look further into that. Currently, I’m not doing anything sensitive, but if you are, I’d look into that first.

Overall, it’s been an amazing experience so far and their built in themes are really beautiful. The interface is very modern and fast. So, giving it a try for now and I’ll see if I stick with it in the future.

I don’t think I’ll ever completely get rid of iTerm though. That thing is still pretty amazing.